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Feeling Numb - or back to Normal? Understanding the 3-Step Neurological Process to Regain Control During a Time of Extended Crisis, with Dwight Bain
Why are some people and organizations able to race back to ‘normal’ after lockdown and extended crisis while others are frozen or ‘numb'?

Times of crisis expose the neurological patterns of rapid recovery and resilience – or the lack of it. This pattern always occurs after catastrophic events. It is a response to extreme difficulty flowing out of the subconscious mind. Wendy Wood, of the University of Southern California describes it:

“We spend a shocking 43% of our day doing things without thinking about them. That means almost half of our actions aren’t conscious choices but the result of our non-conscious mind nudging our body to act along learned behaviors.”

COVID-19 has affected everyone – but not in the same way. This global pandemic triggered a surge of the stress hormones which has sparked radical behavioral change at two extremes.

• In some - to lose weight, finish a degree, pay off debts and improve their sleep and relationships

• In others – to gain weight, watch TV, create more debt with online spending, never sleep and argue with or pull away from others

This radical shift in behavior flows out of thinking patterns – or mental habits – which are most noticeable during extended times of crisis. This pattern was first noticed over 100 years ago by Williams James, the founder of psychological functionalism.

Catastrophic stress is not new – but the circumstances of COVID-19 might create opportunity for some to change neurological patterns to recover faster to a new ‘normal’ and better quality of life.

Learning Objectives -

1. Gain awareness of the neurological process of rapid habit change during times of extreme stress following community crisis.
2. Characterize the patterns of resilience in building a healthy mental health response to manage the normal emotions during an extended pandemic.
3. Create a three-step process to use with clients in overcoming compulsive cues to craft healthy behavioral change during extremely stressful times.

Sep 18, 2020 09:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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